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Saturday, October 24th

2:00 PM (90 min) - TBA

4:00 PM (90min) - TBA


Cost: $35.00 for whole day - more details to come


  Acoustic soloist Timothy Seaman, a proud native of West Virginia, has lived in Virginia since 1956 and in Williamsburg since 1970. An English graduate of the College of William & Mary, a four-summer backpacking instructor as a Philmont Ranger, and a
veteran of nineteen years of school teaching, he has continually been involved in music and has made it his sole endeavor since 1994. Most of his many recordings have been done in collaboration with Virginia’s National and State Parks and other agencies, representing their natural and historic themes. His musical achievements have also involved partnerships with guitarists and Celtic harpers in a folkjazz- classical blend of styles -- as well as fifteen discs currently available, totaling 131,000 tapes and
discs, plus countless downloads.
  Equally at home on a concert stage, at a reception, in a studio or a classroom, Timothy plays and teaches distinctively original music using his own techniques developed for the extended-range hammered dulcimer, as well as a large collection of flutes and whistles, psalteries, mountain dulcimer and guitar -- both solo and in ensembles -- with a unique emotive and sometimes powerful style revealing influences of such varied performers as Ken Kolodner, early John McCutcheon, Paul Sullivan, Glenn Gould, Hubert Laws, Arthur Rubinstein, Noel Paul Stookey, Gordon MacRae, Helmuth Rilling, Herb Alpert, Rudolf Serkin, Alasdair Fraser, and  George Szell. The instruments seem at times to burst forth into a vocal form of expression -- and indeed on occasion his baritone voice’s warmth joins in.
  Mr. Seaman’s performance and teaching log includes dates with the Virginia delegates and governors and U.S. Congressmen; Lady Thatcher; concert stages shared with Pierce Pettis, Robin and Linda Williams, Phil Keaggy, Dean Shostak, Bob Zentz, John Turner, and Mike Seeger; the Waterford Fair; the Augusta Heritage, Highland Maple, Sawdust, Evart, Dulci-More, and Buckeye Festivals, etc.
  Works in progress include two albums of hymn interpretations of different styles, plus one of Baroque transcriptions; a compilation for ballroom dance; and a fourth Christmas album and a suite of new compositions on nature themes, both featuring solo hammered dulcimer.

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