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Recorded 2011: w/ Tom, Betty & Nate Druckenmiller along with Brittany Hicks and Stacey Bechtel.

Old Time Tunes and Song song gems.

Bound to Change

SKU: LC015
    • Waynesboro


    • West Fork Girls


    • Pretty Betty Martin


    • Sugar Hill


    • No Ash Will Burn*


    • The Blackest Crow


    • John Brown's March


    • Little Birdie/Spotted Pony


    • Storms are on the Ocean*


    • Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further into the Fire


    • Weeping Pilgrim


    • Maiden Creek Waltz*


    • Pretty Little Shoes


    These are some the tunes we enjoy the most:

    Traditional except for *No Ash Will Burn – Walt Aldridge EMI Music, inc.;

    The Storms are on the Ocean, A.P. Carter, Peer Int’l Corp;

    The Maidencreek Waltz, Stacy Bechtel, Front Porch Productions.

    Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.

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