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Emmaus Pennsylvania

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"This music was obviously straight from your heart.  You've captured the essence of your "front porch old time" spirit with your innate musicianship and natural singing style.  Exactly right." 

                                                              Carol - Denville, NJ

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            Rick Weaver w/ Norm

    After several months in the studio, hours of mixing and mastering - a wayfarer... songs of hope and encouragement was released October 1st, 2017...

15+ songs that have been meaningful to me... and now I  can share them with you.

     This has been a most rewarding and humbling experience.  So many people have been encouraging and supportive. My family has been awesome and the folks who contributed on GoFundMe have been so critical in making this project happen.


Thank you all so much!!!

Special thanks goes to my wife, Erin who has been right there to keep me on track...

to Cliff Cole, who co-produced  the album along with Dave Schonhauer. Cliff has been a tireless advocate and mentor for this project... to Tom Druckenmiller & Bob Mallalieu who lent their ears to the initial mixes and offered valuable and welcome criticism.

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